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I don't believe this is a logging bug - you're not supposed to keep files open in the editor while you're still rotating, as the library assumes that all rotated files are under its control for deleting and renaming. If you need different functionality, subclass the handler and implement your own handling logic to deal with open files; it's not appropriate to do this in the standard library as there's no "obvious" way to handle locking of files which are supposed to be under the library's control.

Based on the above reasoning, I'm marking this as "invalid" and "pending" to see what your response to my comment is. If I don't hear any more about this for a week or so, I'll mark this issue as closed. We have a Windows service application daemon, in Unix parlance.

We look at the files for debugging. For a live view of log entries, we use less. If the rotating log handler hits the size limit while the current log file is watched, it throws an exception and logging is broken henceforth.

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Restarting the service while less. Since we cannot stop users from looking at the log files, and we cannot have our service application die by user interaction, this is a serious problem. I am confused by the statement that "you should not look at the files as long as they are under the library's control". As I understood, on rotating, the oldest file will be deleted, all others will be renamed, and a new file will be created. No file will remain untouched. As far as the human log reader is concerned, rotation can happen at any time, so all log files are under control of the library for their entire life.

If that's true, why bother writing them in the first place? Under Unix-like file systems, this problem may not appear: Renaming an open file works, and the file descriptor held by less. The logger is free to create another file with the same name. Under Windows, files and directory entries are more closely related.

Hence, the error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process". I do not know if it is possible to work around this. Comments are appreciated. RotatingFileHandler looks like a good match for long-running service applications. If this issue remains unresolved, it is not. A word of warning in the docs seems appropriate in this case.

This is a Windows limitation that generally needs to be worked around, it's not limited to logging applications only. It's possible to copy a set of rotated files to another location for more leisurely examination, though that could also cause failures depending on how the files are opened for copying.

If this option is not open to you, you can still use a rotating file handler base class, but just reimplement the doRollover method to implement any other strategy you like of dealing with files held open by other processes. This was suggested in an earlier response - is there any reason it wouldn't work for you?To write the given word form into the numerical form, identify the place value of all the numbers by reading the number.

Bartleby provides explanations to thousands of textbook problems written by our experts, many with advanced degrees! Operations Management. Chemical Engineering. Civil Engineering. Computer Engineering. Computer Science.

Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Advanced Math. Advanced Physics. Earth Science. Social Science. Contemporary Mathematics for Busin Problem 1TIE. Problem 2TIE. Problem 1RE. Problem 2RE. Problem 3RE. Problem 4RE. Problem 5RE. Problem 6RE.

Problem 7RE. Problem 8RE. Problem 9RE. Problem 10RE.

problem 11270

Problem 11RE. Problem 12RE. Problem 13RE. Problem 14RE. Problem 15RE. Problem 16RE. Problem 17RE. Problem 18RE. Problem 19RE. Problem 20RE. Problem 21RE. Problem 22RE. Problem 23RE.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Add -v flag to your command line you run youtube-dl with, copy the whole output and insert it here. Login to youtube fails. Needless to say, password and account name in. The same output is obtained if using -u myaccountname gmail.

I do not have 2-factor auth activated for my account. After some more testing, I found that after many attempts, it sometimes works! Switching to google DNS instead of using my provider DNS which reveals a different IP for youtube of courseit works almost every time - although after several attempts, I finally get:. So right now I believe the error may indeed be a "local" issue: A problem with the youtube-server for which my provider hands out the IP via DNS.

I'll watch the problem a bit more in the next days and see whether it also vanishes if I am in different networks with different providers and thus DNS or I can reproduce also there. Using 8. So I must presume it's really an issue which can only be reproduced with the IP Maybe you can try reproducing with that specific IP?

Or, if not, just close it - it seems not many people will be affected by that I've written a small program analyze a user's Youtube history, and am using youtube-dl to grab the meta-data. Reproducibility is a problem for me as well, since logging on works fine for be, but seems to fail fairly consistently but not always for others.

Here's how I'm calling youtube-dl. I'm having this issue currently, and setting nameserver 8. I started using -F during my tests because it kept downloading the "Free Preview" video it redirected to.

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Okay, after fiddling with it for a little bit i got it to work. Setting nameserver to 8. After write-protecting it, i got it to work consistently. I don't know this information for sure, but I think Google Login now fully requires JavaScript, kinda of. I found that Google Login will work if challenge has a "bgRequest" identifier in the form data.

Try logging-in Then, removing that identifier causes it to go through the challenge without the bgRequest identifier. I was able to login yesterday, without doing this. But for some reason, today Google started giving me a Bad Request. I've been having this 'Bad Request' issue for a week or more now.

It is consistent across three different internet services and does not care about a static DNS server s or ISP assigned. The downloader works great when directed at a batch file, playlist, or individual video, only when attempting to login to an account the problem appears. Anyway here's the '-v' from my system. If some of the options are confusing I can explain their combination, they function as intended without a login attempt.

Also I've been trying to troubleshoot so they're likely weird. I can also provide a '--dump-pages' and '--print-traffic' at request.To write the given word form into the numerical form, identify the place value of all the numbers by reading the number.

Bartleby provides explanations to thousands of textbook problems written by our experts, many with advanced degrees! Operations Management. Chemical Engineering. Civil Engineering. Computer Engineering. Computer Science. Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Advanced Math. Advanced Physics.

Earth Science. Social Science. Contemporary Mathematics for Busin Problem 1TIE. Problem 2TIE. Problem 1RE. Problem 2RE. Problem 3RE. Problem 4RE. Problem 5RE. Problem 6RE. Problem 7RE. Problem 8RE. Problem 9RE. Problem 10RE. Problem 11RE. Problem 12RE.

problem 11270

Problem 13RE. Problem 14RE. Problem 15RE.Global environmental pollution problems are not just problems that affect many people. Instead, they are those immense problems that affect the entire planet Earth. These problems may or may not affect all people at the same time, nor to the same level. Global environmental pollution problems may have commenced many decades or centuries ago and are the result of additive, interconnected events that are manifested in a more complex present-day problem.

It may also be true that the problem was generated at a relatively simple level of complexity but evolved into a more complex problem, requiring a complex solution.

An excellent example of this type of global pollution problem is global climate change which is complex, requires the cooperation of all countries, and makes our human society and all living organisms vulnerable. Global climate change is really the sum of all pollution combined with natural changes in climate. Global problems are also problems where solutions may not be immediate and involve complex political, social, and economic components.

Some humans will be resistant to change, cannot imagine the consequences, insist their values are correct, and may have constrained ideological, cultural, and political values and ideas.

This is all occurring in a time of globalization—in increased interconnectedness among countries in the areas of economics, trade, culture, and politics.

problem 11270

It was not raining when Noah built the ark. Humans have the capacity to think ahead, plan, anticipate, predict, and be prepared.

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The future of humanity lies in anticipating and preventing global problems while fixing our existing problems at the local, national, and global levels. Of course, this is an immense challenge to humans because we disagree on forms of government, economics, basic human rights, war and conflict versus peace, and the distribution of resources on the planet.

This may seem like a utopian wish as we enter another decade with too many humans subjected to poverty, hunger, conflicts, wars, uneven distribution of resources, lack of universal basic human rights and needs, lack of education, potable water, public health, pandemics, transportation and communication infrastructure, discrimination, racism, religious intolerance, greed, power, dictatorships, unstable governments, a multitude of national and international security issues, and no legally binding agreement on climate change for countries.

The list is not complete, but the point has been made. In the past, an immense amount of effort was devoted to solving or remediating existing problems.

Today, we have the capacity to predict many problems or changes. Science, engineering, and technology have enabled us to have immense predictive powers.

Therefore, our capacity for insight and visionary thinking increases as more information is translated into knowledge.

Computational complexity theory

Visionary thinking is essential if we are to determine how humans share our planet, share our humanity, and share a common rulebook to prevent further damage to our biosphere. Visionary thinking and problem solving are necessary because climate change is an interlinked and complex problem with unrecognized outcomes.

It may be that some proposed and attempted solutions are incorrect. Interconnected problems make solutions more difficult. One could even suggest that the most important environmental problem is deciding what is the most important environmental problem.

However humanity decides to solve global climate change, it will involve information systems that will lead to entirely new disciplines and fields of knowledge.

This will spawn new industries and hopefully a better sharing of resources in our common, shared, singular biosphere. Hopefully, there will be another renaissance in thinking, education, innovation, research, and cooperation for humanity. If you enjoy problem solving, thinking, education, humanities, laws, computing and information systems, policy formation and implementation, and innovation and research, then use your skills and expertise to solve the most critical global problems—some of which were mentioned in this article.

We also look forward to articles being submitted to this journal that assist in solutions to any environmental problem of significance.Computational complexity theory focuses on classifying computational problems according to their resource usage, and relating these classes to each other.

A computational problem is a task solved by a computer.

problem 11270

A computation problem is solvable by mechanical application of mathematical steps, such as an algorithm. A problem is regarded as inherently difficult if its solution requires significant resources, whatever the algorithm used. The theory formalizes this intuition, by introducing mathematical models of computation to study these problems and quantifying their computational complexityi. Other measures of complexity are also used, such as the amount of communication used in communication complexitythe number of gates in a circuit used in circuit complexity and the number of processors used in parallel computing.

One of the roles of computational complexity theory is to determine the practical limits on what computers can and cannot do. The P versus NP problemone of the seven Millennium Prize Problemsis dedicated to the field of computational complexity. Closely related fields in theoretical computer science are analysis of algorithms and computability theory.

A key distinction between analysis of algorithms and computational complexity theory is that the former is devoted to analyzing the amount of resources needed by a particular algorithm to solve a problem, whereas the latter asks a more general question about all possible algorithms that could be used to solve the same problem.

More precisely, computational complexity theory tries to classify problems that can or cannot be solved with appropriately restricted resources. In turn, imposing restrictions on the available resources is what distinguishes computational complexity from computability theory: the latter theory asks what kinds of problems can, in principle, be solved algorithmically.

A computational problem can be viewed as an infinite collection of instances together with a solution for every instance. The input string for a computational problem is referred to as a problem instance, and should not be confused with the problem itself.

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In computational complexity theory, a problem refers to the abstract question to be solved. In contrast, an instance of this problem is a rather concrete utterance, which can serve as the input for a decision problem.

Copy-paste your Terraform configurations here - for large Terraform configs,

For example, consider the problem of primality testing. The instance is a number e. Stated another way, the instance is a particular input to the problem, and the solution is the output corresponding to the given input. To further highlight the difference between a problem and an instance, consider the following instance of the decision version of the traveling salesman problem : Is there a route of at most kilometres passing through all of Germany's 15 largest cities?

For this reason, complexity theory addresses computational problems and not particular problem instances. When considering computational problems, a problem instance is a string over an alphabet. Usually, the alphabet is taken to be the binary alphabet i. As in a real-world computermathematical objects other than bitstrings must be suitably encoded. For example, integers can be represented in binary notationand graphs can be encoded directly via their adjacency matricesor by encoding their adjacency lists in binary.

Even though some proofs of complexity-theoretic theorems regularly assume some concrete choice of input encoding, one tries to keep the discussion abstract enough to be independent of the choice of encoding. This can be achieved by ensuring that different representations can be transformed into each other efficiently.

Decision problems are one of the central objects of study in computational complexity theory. A decision problem is a special type of computational problem whose answer is either yes or noor alternately either 1 or 0. A decision problem can be viewed as a formal languagewhere the members of the language are instances whose output is yes, and the non-members are those instances whose output is no. The objective is to decide, with the aid of an algorithmwhether a given input string is a member of the formal language under consideration.

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If the algorithm deciding this problem returns the answer yesthe algorithm is said to accept the input string, otherwise it is said to reject the input.

An example of a decision problem is the following. The input is an arbitrary graph. The problem consists in deciding whether the given graph is connected or not.

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